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Icons By Kim; A Graphics Community

The graphic community of iKimbers

Icons & Graphics
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This is the icon and graphic community of ikimbers.
All entries are protected, so you join to view entries.

• Credit is a must. If you don't know how to credit, see below.
• Hotlinking is prohibited. Use www.tinypic.com or photobucket.
• All graphics are hosted on my paid server to minimize dead links.
• Textless icons / graphics are NOT bases.
• Use outside of LiveJournal is OK, but credit / links to site(s) are needed.
• You may not alter any icons or graphics. I will take requests from time to time,
or you can request text added to something posted.
• Membership is moderated. Refer to the first post for information.

How to credit?

*Rules are subject to change without prior notice.*